Modern interiors reflect the mid century styles of architecture. Angular corners, polished metals, and sleek geometrics define this style. Strong primary colors used in the furnishings stand out against the white walls. Black is used to divide the colors and frame the design elements. Sleek built in units add function to the highly artistic room. Asymmetrical balance is used to add interest to the sometimes stark interior.

Mid-Century Modern:

~ Primary or Secondary Colors complimented by black and white
~ Squared edges
~ Chrome or Polished Aluminum
~ Minimalism


Contemporary interior design by definition reflects the trend of the present time. However many people use the term to describe soft modern or post modern. Curvilinear lines, warm colors, and organic textures adorn the space. Brushed metal finishes add the modern material in a softened manner. Animal prints and fur soften the clean lines of contemporary upholstery. Neutral backgrounds frame the decluttered surfaces throughout the room. Casegoods are smooth and visually heavy. Impressionist style art soften the up to date environment.

Soft Modern Interiors:

~ Clean and Decluttered
~ Curving lines
~ Soft textures
~ Natural color palette

Eclectic Style

Eclectic style is the unique combination of furniture and accessories from an array of influences. While this style is common, it remains unique through personal panache. The contrast in elements creates visual interest. People who visit tend to explore your room like a tactile museum. It is all about enjoying your surroundings; placing items the have memories, a story, or just make you smile.
Here are a few tricks to making Eclectic Style work in your home:

~ Keep the background neutral but not boring
~ Collections tend to throw off the balance in a room; spread the collection to different areas for more visual interest
~ Since this style is about complimenting contrast it is a good idea to freshen the room regularly.