Fung Shui Elements

Feng Shui is used to improve harmony and balance through the flow of chi. It is not beneficial to have a sole element dominate an area. Placing complimentary elements throughout the space can help to strengthen the design. Simply being aware of the helpful elements can also change the flow of energy in a space by placing focus on them. Don’t be afraid to keep variety in the plan.

Expansion and Change
Gua: Fame
Line: Vertical
Shape: Triangle (union of the three), Pyramid (communication with the heavens),
Diamond and Sunburst (radiates chi)
Color: Red and Orange
Texture: Rough or highly textured
Sound: Loud and intermittent
Examples: High-gloss, Fireplace, Candles, Multiple light sources especially natural lighting, Leather and Wool

Gua: Health
Line: Horizontal
Shape: Square (strength)
Color: Yellow, Brown, and Terracotta
Texture: Thick or Solid
Sound: Percussion and Bass
Examples: Ceramics, Brick, Stone, Tile

Gua: Creativity
Line: Curvilinear
Shape: Round or Oval (cycle)
Color: White and Grey
Texture: Smooth
Sound: High Pitched
Examples: All metals

Gua: Family
Line: Vertical
Shape: Rectangle and Cylinder (growing)
Color: Green
Texture: Grainy or Prickly
Sound: Swooshy
Examples: Plants, Flowers, Woven products, Pillars and Columns

Gua: Career
Line: Undulating and Random
Shape: Free Formed (flowing)
Color: Black and Blue
Texture: Bumpy or Rippled
Sound: Continuous
Examples: Fountain, Crystal, Glass, Mirror