Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire an Interior Designer?

Eloquent Interiors can help with all stages of the design process. If you just need a second opinion to help pull the design together or if you are under construction, a design professional can help. It is usually best to hire an Interior Designer as soon as you feel you may need advice. Continuing with a project can lead to costly mistakes and unnecessary frustration.

Is there a difference between an Interior Designer and Decorator?

Absolutely! While there is not a national regulation of the licensing for interior designers, 27 states and territories currently regulate the "Interior Designer" title and industry. There are numerous differences between an Interior Designer and decorator. Generally, an Interior Designer has met professional standards in education, licensing, and experience in order to use the title. Decorators may have a natural “gift” however lack the qualifications to ethically, and in some cases legally, use the title.

What should I know or do before I hire an Interior Designer?

Anyone hiring an interior design professional should
~ Know what they wish to accomplish through the partnership (goals)
~ Gather inspirational items such as magazine clippings, fabrics, artwork, and photos
~ Identify general budget and timeframe for the project(s)
These are just a few suggestions to help the communication process, however they can be developed after meeting with a design professional.

How do I find the right Interior Designer for my project?

Working with a designer is a very personal experience and criteria for satisfaction will vary. However to get started I would recommend doing your research. Visit the company’s websites, professional membership websites such as and to insure you are hiring a licensed professional, and contact the Interior Designer directly with a few questions. Many websites have sample portfolios to browse and should give a biography about the principal. This will give you some insight into business practices and qualifications. The portfolio may not be your design style, but it can give you an idea of the creativity and quality. Eloquent Interiors frequently offers specials on the initial consultation to become acquainted with the designer and ensure compatibility.

How much can I expect to pay for Eloquent Interior Design services?

Here are some of Eloquent Interiors competitive prices. Design fees may vary and will be disclosed during consultation:
Hourly: $50 / hr (i.e. Time spent with the client or on behalf of the client)
Flat Fee: Vary per project (i.e. single room redesign)
Cost plus Fee: 20% up-charge above trade pricing (i.e. guided shopping) requires $200 retainer fee
Per Square Foot or Percentage Based Fees: Projects must exceed $10,000 (i.e. commercial or Kitchen Design)
Every project is unique and our design professionals will work with your budget while providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.


What to expect from Eloquent Interiors?

Eloquent Interiors is a full service interior design firm, however trade and labor services will be contracted to licensed, bonded, and insured partners. All employees and partners will be prompt, knowledgeable, and honest in the implementation of the design.